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The MT-188 used high precition camera system and software.The machine can accuately detect variety arc,but also to measure the grooving width and tip angle. Measured directly after the end of the process, the size can be detected after grouding. Precision and producticity has been greatly improved.
The machine base is made of high quality overall casting, high rigidity, anti-vibration design, high stability, can satisfy any requirements of grinding superhard material.

The control panel can adjust grinding wheel speed instantly.Different wheel most to arrange different speed to achieve the best cutting result.
Large capatiry 100 liter tank with the bag in filter for good effect and easy to clean.
Standrd Accessories

1. High resolution camera with 22" LCD monitor and measurement system
2. Tool stand(5 pcs)
3. Optiacl linear scale with digital display counter(0.001 mm increment)
4. Grinding wheel spindle with variable speed (0~5000rpm)
5. 2 machine work light.( 35W )

1. Round bar grinding attachment
2. Cooling system with 100 liters tank
3. MPG handwheel
4. Coolant System
5. Universal work table
6. Wheel dress
7. High precision dividing head
Machine Specification
Spindle speed 0~6000RPM / min (50Hz)
Wheel size 150D X 40H X 40T
Grinding pressure 0~0.4Mpa
Grinding wheel oscillation distance 0~40 mm
Grinding wheel oscillation stroke 40 mim
Grinding wheel oscillation position 0~190 mm
Grinding wheel inclindtion -2°~ 24°
Swivel table swiveling angle 270°
Worktable clamping size 210 X 160 X 4 slot
Dimension 1495 X 1580 X 1710 mm
Weight kg
* All specification , dimension and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.