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Vertical machining center
1.The ATC of supporting seat and column are one-piece. It is stability when tool change tool.
2.Roller type Linear Guideway and C3 Ball Screw on X,Y,Z- axis
3.The base structure is reinforced by internal ribbing to ensure high rigidity and stability.  It is suitable for
   heavy cutting and precision machining
Total Machining Time:
1hr. 6min. 10sec
Workpiece Dimension:
100 x 100 x 50mm
No. of tools used: 3
Total Machining Time:
27min. 46sec
Workpiece Dimension:
100 x 100 x 50mm
Meterial: NAK-80
No. of tools used: 1
Total Machining Time:
31min. 43sec
Workpiece Dimension:
50 x 50 x 50mm
Meterial: NAK-80
No. of tools used: 2
Standrd Accessories
1. Full-closed splash guard 2. Automatic power off
3. Oil skimmer system 4. Water gun and air gun
5. MITSUBISHI controller M70A 6. Chips flush coolant system
7. Tools box 8. Work lamp
9. Arm type ATC with 24 tool capacity 10. Automatic lubrication system
11. Heat exchanger 12. Alarm light
13.Screw type chip conveyer 14. Automatic tool length measuring device
15.Spindle oil cooler system 16.Spindle speed 10000rpm
Optional Accessories
1.FANUC system controller 2.SIEMENS system controller
3.Direct type Spindle 12,000/15,000 RPM 4.Built type Spindle 20,000/24,000 RPM
5.Coolant through spindle 6.Air conditioner
7.Transformer 8.Voltage regulator
9.Flat type chip conveyer 10.CE mark
11.3-Axes optical scale 12.Breakage detection system
13.Oil mist collector 14.Inverter ATC System
Model MT-750 V MT-750 VS
Table Size mm 800x450 800x450
T-slot (width x no x distance) mm x T 18x5x90 18x5x90
Maximun table load kgs 300 300
Travel X, Y, Z -axis mm 700x500x500 700x500x500
Table top surface to spindle nose mm 100-600 100-600
Distance between spindle center and column surface mm 580 580
Linear guideway type ( X / Y / Z-axis ) mm 30/35/35 30/35/35 (Roller type)
Ball screw ( X / Y / Z-axis ) mm ∅32/∅32/∅32 ∅32/∅32/∅32
Spindle Spindle holder   BELT DIRECT
Taper   BT40 BT40
Diameter mm 70 70
Spindle speed rpm 10000 10000
Feed Cutting feedrate X/ Y/ Z (G01) m / min 20/20/20 20/20/20
Rapid feedrate X/ Y/ Z (G0) m / min 36/36/36 36/36/36
Max. tool Dia mm ∅75 /∅150 ∅75 /∅150
Max. tool length mm 300 300
Max. tool weight kgs 7 7
Tool type   BT40 BT40
Tool magazine capacity T 24 24
Motors Spindle motor (Cont./30 min) kw 7.5/11 7.5/11
X/ Y/ Z -Axis kw 2.0/2.0/3.0 (Mitsubishi)
2.0/2.0/3.0 (Mitsubishi)
Coolant pump kw 0.75 0.75
Other Machine Space ( L x W ) mm 2200x2050 2200x2050
Coolant tank capacity L 250 250
Net weight kgs 4400 4400
* All specification , dimension and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.