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NC Milling machine
Control panel
Lubrication oil control valve
Pressure-reserved lubrication oil control valve are installed as standard to control lubrication oil supply as even as possible to ball screw, Gear and 3 axes.
CNC Rotary Table
Standrd Accessories
1. Tool box and tools.
2. Working light
3. Draw bar. (manual)
4. Chip cover on Y axis(rubber)
5. X, Y, Z axis AC servo motor
6. Control panel(EMBED2-900)
Optional Accessories
1. DRO
2. Draw bar. (pneumatic)
3. Coolant system
4. CNC rotary table
5. Chip cover on Y axis(stainless)
6. Full cover sheet metal
Model SZ-2200H-NC
Main Spindle Horizontal speed 75~1050rpm 9 speed
Table Working table area (LxW) 1350 x 305mm
Longitudinal travel manual/auto 800mm
Cross travel 400mm
Vertical travel of knee 400mm
T-slots (widex no.x pitch) 16 x 3 x 63mm
Cutting federate 0 ~ 1500mm / min
Rapid traverse 3000mm / min
Table elevating speed 1150mm / min
Motor Main spindle 3.5kw (5HP)
Table elevating 0.75kw (1HP)
Lubricating pump 150w
Electromagnetic pump 40w
Machine Weight & Packing Machine measurement 3000 x 2000 x 2100mm
Sheet metal packing measurement 3150 x 1880 x 2250mm
Machine packing measurement 1910 x 1550 x 2150mm
Machine Net weight 2500kgs
Machine Gross weight 2700kgs
Sheet metal net weight 300kgs
Sheet metal gross weight 500kgs
* All specification , dimension and design characteristics SHOUn in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.