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Vertical turret milling machine
Lubrication oil control valve
Pressure-reserved lubrication oil control valve are installed as standard to control lubrication oil supply as even as possible to ball screw, Gear and 3 axes.
Optical scale protection
Protection design on optical scale is built-in from the design stage. It provides the collision & watering free from the scales during the cutting.
Quality inspection equipment
German-made 3D coordinate measuring machine is employed in our machine shop. All precision components and parts are precisely inspected.
High rigidity machine structure
FC30 & FCD45 are materialized on machine frame structure. All frames are compulsorily by tempering treatment to reduce the inner stress. It ensures the features of the highest resistance, deformation-free and highest rigidity. With enforced ribs design, the harmonious vibration during cutting is absolutely minimized. All machine life can be prolonged accordingly.
Precision ball screw
Pre-loaded with double nuts C5 class precision ball screw is installed on X & Y axes ensuring the transmission quality –small backlash & fine positioning.
Standrd Accessories
1. Tool box and tools.
2. Working light
3. Draw bar. (manual)
4. Tapping equipment of spindle
5. Chip cover on Y axis (rubber)
6. X axis motor automatic feed
Optional Accessories
1. DRO
2. Draw bar. (pneumatic)
3. Coolant system
4. Y axis motor automatic feed
5. Chip cover on y axis (stainless)
Model SZ-2200VD SZ-2200VSD
Main Spindle Spindle speed 75~3600rpm 16 speed 60~3600rpm Variable speed
Swive angle of head 45° (R&L) 45° (R&L)
Overarm travel 450mm 450mm
Quill travel 140mm 140mm
Distance of Spindle to table 0 ~ 530mm 0 ~ 530mm
Distance of Spindle center to column surface 150 ~600mm 150 ~600mm
Quill feed per revolution of spindle 0.035/0.07/0.14mm(a circe) 0.035/0.07/0.14mm(a circe)
Table Working table area (LxW) 1350 x 305mm 1350 x 305mm
Longitudinal travel manual/auto 800mm 800mm
Cross travel 400mm 400mm
Vertical travel of knee 400mm 400mm
T-slots 16 x 3 x 63mm 16 x 3 x 63mm
Cutting federate (X) 0 ~ 1500mm / min 0 ~ 1500mm / min
Rapid traverse (X) 3000mm / min 3000mm / min
Table elevating speed 1150mm / min 1150mm / min
Motor Main spindle 3.7kw (5HP) 3.7kw (5HP)AC
Table elevating 0.75kw (1HP) 0.75kw (1HP)
Lubricating pump 150w 150w
Electromagnetic pump 40w 40w
Machine Weight & Packing Machine measurement (LxWxH) 2800 x 2300 x 2350mm 2800 x 2300 x 2400mm
Packing measurement (LxWxH) 1755 x 1760 x 2150mm 1755 x 1760 x 2150mm
Net weight 2180kgs 2210kgs
Gross weight 2380kgs 2410kgs
* All specification , dimension and design characteristics SHOUn in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.